What it takes to prepare for the end of the world

You’re going to need to get ready well in advance if you want to be ready for the end of the world. One of the first things you’ll need to do is stock your bunker with enough food and water to survive if the end of world event is survivable.



It’s best to get food that is generally considered non-perishable because it will last for years and not need refrigeration. Beans, peanut butter, rice, bottled water, canned fruit, etc… These are the best to get.

Another thing you’ll need to do is get into shape. One of the best workout programs is CrossFit. ┬áThat’s the kind of general physical preparedness you’ll need to be able to fight off guys like this:

lord humongous


You won’t be able to train at a gym if the world is really ending, so you’ll need to get some CrossFit equipment and start getting stronger and faster. You’ll need a balance of strength and speed so that you can run away if you need to, traverse obstacles if necessary, and beat the crap out of someone if they try to take your stuff.


One mistake the doomsayers sometimes make…

If there’s one mistake you can make as a doomsayer, it’s being alive when the date in question comes along. Since we’re all still alive, that means everyone who has ever had a prediction about the ends of days has been completely wrong. It’s pretty funny to see how ignorant people are when it comes to predictions of the end of the world. These predictions are all from some long forgotten text written hundreds or thousands of years ago, back when people still thought the earth was flat and that spirits caused illness and where a simple magic trick would be considered sorcery.

herp derp

And yet, somehow people prescribe some higher level of understanding to these simple people, as though they possessed some secrets to the future that modern science can’t possibly duplicate or surpass. It’s pure silliness, but sometimes people’s lives are so boring that they cling to any bit of excitement that comes along as a reason to get up off the couch and do something different than their day-to-day boringness.